Sunday, July 31, 2011

Keep on keeping on

As I wait to hear on my novel, I did the only thing you can do - I worked on a new project. Something completely different, a very short picture book. I actually worked on it while hubbie was away on his Iron Butt Motorcycle Rally (48 states in 11 days + the 5 days out to Seattle and home from Los Angeles, another 4 days). Happily, my agent loves it and it went out to publishers Friday. So I now have a novel and a picture book being shopped. What to work on next? :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Waiting to Hear...

Scary, scary, scary. Why did we have to submit around a holiday? Everybody's on vacation. Probably for the next three months. Gads. Okay, well probably at least through this week. Don't they know I'm waiting? Don't they know I'm a nervous wreck? Okay, okay, so everybody in the slush pile is going through the same thing. I'm lucky I have an awesome agent to get my manuscript through the door. Still. They should all step away from their sandcastles, replace their flip-flops with business shoes and READ!!! Right? Right? Gads.