Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Mid-grade Revelation

So my friend Vicky and I did a book swap today. We realized that between us, we owned several titles we each wanted to read, so first we stopped by her house (I borrowed three), and then we stopped by mine. And that's when the revelation occurred. I pointed to my orange shelves and said, "Most of my Young-adult novels (age range 13 and up) are over there." After browsing for a bit Vicky said, "Most of these are Mid-grade" (age range 10-13).
     Then I started really looking. They may not all have been classified as Mid-grade by various book sellers, but when you thought about the themes, the topics, the overall adultness of the titles, they were mostly on the young side. Maybe not officially Mid-grades, but definitely young "YA's" at best. Talk about a shocker!
     I know I'm not into chick-lit, or romances, or so many of the themes that define YA. But I do love magical realism and paranormals and those can oftentimes range up in age. Or not.
     So upon really studying my own collection, I have realized that I'm more of a Mid-grade reader than I ever thought. Maybe that's why my novel was going that way. Unbeknownst to me, I was there all along!

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