Monday, April 11, 2011

Back to my agent

My novel went back to my agent on Friday. Again. I'm hoping it's ready to go to potential publishers at this point, although I'm sure there are more revisions in my story's future. How can I be okay with that?
     If you've been following my new blog, you've already seen how much back and forth work there is with a novel, and how much time. But truly, with every set of new eyes, and every round of revisions, the story gets a little bit better - and I become a little bit better of a writer.
     Knowing that, I can't wait to see what my story will turn into by the time a publishing house editor has had at it. And it's not because I'm not confident about my story. I truly believe it's a darned good story. I just recognize that it's difficult to approach a story objectively, especially when you've been at it for two years. Even my critique group and agent have seen it several times.
     That said, I've learned I can't just take anybody's advice on needed changes - it has to be somebody I respect. Well intentioned people are not always qualified people, and it's vital that advice come from those with knowledge of the market and writing in general. I've been very lucky to have all of that up until now. And I hope to have that again in a future editor.
     I look at a book like the creation of a Pixar movie - think Nemo. That story line was so perfect, so tight, without any dead moments or missed opportunities, and most of their movies are like that. I believe it takes a room full of brilliant minds to create something that polished. A really good team.
     And I look forward to learning who else will be on my team. It might be time for a mascot and pom-poms.

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Vicky Alvear Shecter said...

Yay! And now comes the waiting (boo!).